Our Supporters

Minhang District Government

Beginning in September, Hands On Shanghai and MinHang District Government started a cooperation to promote the volunteerism to the Minhang District, with the common goal of develop an active base of community volunteers who will service Minhang's various schools, elderly centers, and hospitals.

Since our first event in 2010, ”The Pleasure of Giving”, the Minhang-District government and HandsOn Shanghai has developed into a full partnership that is focused on building community based volunteering opportunities to Minhang district residents to benefit the district’s elderly care centers, migrant schools and kindergartens, children’s hospitals, and environmental conditions.

Xinzhuang Township HandsOn Volunteer Center Sponsor

Located in the Minhang district, the Xinzhuang Township government generously donated the 700sq meter space that will serve as a hub for Minhang District's volunteer recruitment, training, and management.

Set to begin operations in March 2011, the center will serve as a hub from which our volunteers will extend their service into the community, as well as a programming hub where daily volutneer activities will take place.

We invite you to visit us to see for yourselves!

M On The Bund Annual Gala Sponsor

Since 2012, M On The Bund has generously hosted the HangsOn annual fundraising gala. Shanghai's premier dining venue, their support has allowed us to raise nearly 500,000RMB for our ongoing operations

We thank them for their generosity, and encourage you all to think of M on The Bund the next time you are looking for a spectacular dinner along the Bund

Flamingo Orientation Host
Providing the amazing space we need to catalyze our new volunteers every month!
Expat CFO Accounting Service Provider
EXPAT-CFO is a Shanghai based financial consultancy that provides real world advice in the way business is actually conducted in China, and for the last three years has generously donated the services of their staff to support our day to day accounting.