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2013-03-09 09:00
2013-03-09 10:30

Partner: FaHua Elderly Care Center

volunteers' role: companion

Attention: You are welcome to bring your children.

Activity background: In Shanghai, 3 percent of old people are living in elderly care center. Theses centers provide them with sufficient services to fulfill their basic living needs, but the spiritual needs of the elderly could get more improvement. The Elderly Care Program of HandsOn Shanghai emphasizes on the spiritual needs of the elderly. We recruit volunteers to visit elderly care centes regularly and bring new energy and happiness to them.

1. chat, read newspapers
2. do body exercise
3. watch movies and play games with the elderly
We encourage volunteers to perform for the elderly. If you have any special skills, please inform us in the comments. 活动内容:

Due to the limited space and the elderly’s health condition in FaHua Elderly Care Center, the regular activity usually is chatting with the elderly. We hope that volunteers have relatively good communication skills and are very patient. Signup, if you are interested in this!

Location: FaHua Elderly Care Center lies in Changning District near Yan An Xi Road Station Line 3/4. Detailed address will be sent to volunteers by confirmation email and reminder.

To avoid possible cross infection, volunteers who have got a cold or fall ill should not sign up for this activity.

You will receive the detailed contact information of our onsite coordinator in the confirmation email.

Signup limit: 15 volunteers

Thank you for joining. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel: 021-62255220-8015 E-mail: volunteer@handsonshanghai.org

HandsOn Shanghai QQ group: 58172343
HOS Elderly Care QQ group: 51757436

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