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2013-03-06 13:00
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Partner: Xinhua Sunshine Home

Role: Teacher's assistant

Activities background: There are 942 thousand handicapped persons in Shanghai now, including 65 thousand mentally challenged people(50% of them are over 18). In recent years, in order to reduce family burden of mentally challenged people and improve their social adaptability, Shanghai Municipal Government established 'Sunshine Homes' to organize training, rehabilitation and simple work for them. HandsOn Shanghai recruits and trains volunteers regularly. They bring various activities to Sunshine Homes to assist these special people improve their living abilities and social adapatability and help them to build confidence and ability to come out of families and into society.

1. Chat, play games and interact with Sunshine Home mentally challenged people. Help them to learn various skills and broaden their view.
2. Help with cultural knowledge course, PE, craft course, game course,etc.

Notes: If you have ideas for games or teaching content or if you have special skills, please contact the coordinator before the activiy.

Location: Sunshine Home lies in Changning District near Yan An Xi Road Station Line 3/4. Detailed address will be sent to volunteers by confirmation email and reminder.

You will receive the detailed contact information of our onsite coordinator in the confirmation email.

Signup limit: 4 volunteers

HandsOn Shanghai QQ group: 58172343
HOS Sunshine Home QQ group: 199381304

Thank you for joining. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel: 021-62255220-8015 E-mail:

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