1st People Cerebral Palsy Room

2013-03-08 12:00
2013-03-08 13:30

Partner: 1st People Cerebral Palsy Room

Volunteers’role: teacher assistant

Background: Children with cerebral palsy need continuous exercise every day, except for the rehabilitation training, children are also required to train their communication with other people more often. Group lessons are a good way for the children to study together and improve their cognitive capacity.

1.Holding a class for five to seven children during the lunch break. The content is generally focused on the basic cognition. Team leader will assign courses to volunteers. Volunteers need to prepare and be responsible for their part.
2.Communicate actively with the children's parents.

Location: 1st People Cerebral Palsy Room lies near Sichuan bei lu Metro Station on Line 10. Detailed address will be sent to volunteers by confirmation email and reminder.

Notes: Volunteers should wear appropriate clothes with friendly colours (e.g. no high heels and suits, shoes must be taken off in playroom). We encourage volunteers that have experience in
organizing activities to sign up and hope that volunteers will be outgoing and take part in the activities actively.

1st People Cerebral Palsy Room's children are in poor health. To avoid possible cross infection, volunteers who have got a cold or fall ill should not signup for this activity.

You will receive the detailed contact information of our onsite coordinator in the confirmation email.

Sign-up limit: 3 volunteers

Thank you for joining. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Tel: 021-62255220-8015 E-mail: volunteer@handsonshanghai.org

HandsOn Shanghai QQ group: 58172343
HOS Children Care QQ group: 152548543

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