Corporate Volunteering

Increasingly, corporations and employees are looking to get involved in the communities where they live and work. Studies have shown corporations that are involved in the community tend to retain employees at a dramatically higher rate.

In addition, when members of the same organization volunteer together, the unit as a whole, in terms of leadership, productivity and morale, improves dramatically. By partnering with Hands On Shanghai, your business can give something back to the community.

As part of the Hands On Shanghai Strategy to fulfill the needs of the community it serves, Hands On would like to work with corporations in arranging days of volunteering. Whether it is your top management, you accounting department, or your entire Shanghai organization, Hands On Shanghai can arrange projects for your volunteers.

By partnering with Hands On Shanghai, your business can give something back to the community with organizations that are reputable to design programs that are scalable.  It is a commitment that we have worked with numerous firms - Chinese and foreign - Large and small,  and typically begins with a process of understanding the interests and capacity of the firm itself, and then building a program that engage employee volunteers over the long term to the benefit of the parter.

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2010 Corporate Community Days

In an effort to further expand the impact that we have, and in an effort to develop further interest and capacity for volunteerism, HandsOn Shanghai will offer a series of corporate workshops that will provides the tools corporate managers need to develop partnerships, build projects, increase internal buy-in and capacity, and effectively monitor their projects in a way that supports the long term needs of the community.

The goals of the 2010 workshops will be to:

  1. Highlight the benefits (internal and external) of corporate volunteer programs
  2. Provide CSR managers an opportunity to learn about how to develop corporate volunteer programs and tools for managing and growing programs
  3. Provide participants with a site based experience

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