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HandsOn Shanghai Orientation in December

New to Hands on Shanghai (HOS)? Want to know more and get involved? Please come to our volunteer orientation. Both "old" and "new" volunteers are welcome to participate. You can expect to get a better understanding of HOS. After the orientation there is free talk time for you to relax and make new friends. Orientation language is Chinese! We provide the orientation in two different places in Shanghai:

1. Downtown Orientation:

30 vacancies are available

Activity time: Decmber 12th, 19:00pm -21:00pm
Meeting point: No. 900 Yuyuan Road, Changning District
Register here: sign-up through our calender

2. HandsOn Shanghai Volunteer Center Orientation :

90 vacancies are available

Activity time: December 22th 14:00pm - 16:00pm
Meeting point: The 4th floor, \Building 10, Lane 199 Weiye Road, Minhang District
Register here: sign-up through our calender

Be the Change, Volunteer!

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Funny Halloween

Although Halloween is already over, it’s really a nice experience to spend time with sick children in the name of Halloween. Usually, we only have 5 volunteers in the activity of Shanghai Children Medical Center (SCMC), but on Saturday, November 10th, there were 13 volunteers in total because of a new team leader training.

We started this activity by making some funny masks with the children. These little boys and girls were so creative that they needed no help. A little cute girl insisted on making a simple and less colorful mask and we volunteers first thought that’s a bit strange. But then we just respected her will. There were also children who were accompanied by their parents. The children were really happy to have the opportunity to create their own mask freely.

And then we played a pumpkin game with the children and then made pumpkin ornaments with the kids and for the kids that had already returned to their rooms. The pumpkin ornaments were also unique, just as the masks.

On my way home, when I was just getting on the subway, I saw a little girl who held up her pumpkin ornament and proudly showed it to her dad. I felt that all volunteers who would have seen that would have felt very proud and happy about their volunteer service today.

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Hottest Events

  • December 9th: Xinzhuang Elderly Center
  • December 9th: Huangpu Elderly Center
  • December 11th: Xinzhuang Sunshine Home
  • December 12th: Xinhua Sunshine Home
  • December 16th: Hongmei Elderly Center
  • Upcoming Events

    • December 6th: Shanghai Children Medical Center Music
    • December 8th: Shanghai Children Medical Center Music
    • December 8th: CereCare Wellness Center
    • December 8th: Xuhui Elderly Center
    • December 12th: Xinhua Sunshine Home
    • December 12th: New Volunteer downtown orientation
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      Computer Class in Lianying Migrant School

      On Friday afternoon the ICT computer class for teachers started to continue at Lianying Migrant School. For the next few weeks until the end of the semester five students from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology will teach them how to use office software, such as PPT, word, excel etc so that the teachers will be able to better integrate modern learning techniques in their lessons.

      The first class started with an ice breaker game, so that everyone would get to know each other. Then they repeated some basic functions in word and PPT that the teachers had learned earlier this year. At the end of the class the volunteers taught the students a special trick on how to create an arrow in word. This small but very useful trick was very much appreciated by everyone.

      The volunteer teachers were very well prepared and full of enthusiasm, so that the first class was a real success.

      Be the Change, Volunteer!

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      Painting with Migrant Children from Yongmei School

      On November 23rd nine volunteers from Shanghai Yiduo Company went to Yongmei Migrant School to spend an afternoon full of joy, fun and meaning together with the migrant school children. The aim of this painting activity was to improve the students’ sense for beauty, to cultivate their interest in art and to stimulate their imagination.

      Starting at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the volunteers taught the children some painting techniques, shared some stories from when they were young and asked the children about their hopes and dreams. The pens in every color, beautiful colors and interesting teaching method let the students grow wings, so that soared up high in this space of art and hope.

      Even though the students were no great masters of artwork yet, but the vivid forms and colors on the paper, as well as the beautiful smiles on their faces showed us even their smallest dreams and hopes.

      I hope we will have even more power and abilities to build up such a special and colorful space for the children.

      Be the Change, Volunteer!

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      HOS Workshop on Public Partner Day——Volunteers Autonomy and Performance

      The second Public Partner Day is taking place from 2nd to 4th of December. As a member, HandsOn Shanghai shows itself during the three days. We have a stand there to introduce HOS to the public and we also sell the pillow cases knitted by the disabled students from Sunshine Homes.

      On the afternoon of December 2nd, HOS organized a workshop about volunteer autonomy and performance together with Grassroots Community. The discussions were so heated that our participants couldn’t stop their sharing about the two cases. And the comments by the three VIP guests also were meaningful and full of edification. Everyone was very concentrated in the workshop ,thus a lot of other people were attracted to the room. Everyone gave their own and unique opinions about the two case discussion which did a lot of help to both the organizers and participants, especially the opinion which stressed the significance of information sharing and volunteer motivation.

      Be the Change! Volunteer!

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      Cozy Workshop

      This Saturday afternoon we team leaders from children’s hospital joined an workshop provided by Hands on Shanghai.

      When I entered the room, the first feeling is cozy. The room decorated so charming that I want to enjoy the sunshine in this room, and kindly staffs prepared some snacks and drinking for us. The workshop made me feel back to home.

      Since the beginning, we are sitting as different groups, and we discussed some situations in groups and shared our views, this made us familiar with each other. The most meaningful activity I think is the process of situation discussion. We knew more about how to dealing with the dilemma we may face in service, every member thought out their unique suggestions and the four distinguished guests gave wonderful comments. During the process, I gained a lot which do good to my service in future.

      Be the Change! Volunteer!

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